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My story ..

Lorraine Raiiney
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27 Apr 2015

Hiiiii guys !!!!

I am going to share my story with you and my reasons behind doing this, it's not for sympathy but it's because I want to support Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research because together, we can make the world a better place for blood cancer patients.

End of October 2014, my mum started complaint of random abdominal pains after she would have finished eating, after going to the gp over and over again, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in november and at this point she has stopped eating and had lost well over 5kg. She was admitted into hospital 12 November 2014, two days after her 47th birthday! After the biopsy had been done and all the other tests to confirm it was lymphoma, the doctors suggested she has chemotherapy otherwise she would die in two weeks due to complications as the lymphoma was spreading very fast and it had spread beyond the lymphatic system.

It all seemed pretty straight forward! Diagnosis- Chemo- then mum back home and life goes on! But it wasn't ! 12 December 2014, my mum suffered a bowel perforation meaning the cancer had spread heavily around the small bowel and all the toxic waste was now spreading into her other organs, NOT GOOD! However! Operation was a success, she spent a week in ITU but was transferred over into the haematology ward with hope that she would get stronger then we start chemotherapy. Straight forward right ? NOT!! A few days later, her bowel perforated again, this time I spoke to the surgeon who told me to start get my mums things in order because thing were not looking good, well guess what? My sausage came out fighting and she made it through the op!! Problem now was that we were running out of time, another bowel perforation would have been the end, so 24hrs after surgery, they started chemotherapy but as chemo is poisonous and her body wasn't strong enough, they said it's possible that as the chemo starts to settle on her body, she may die. The sausage made it through chemo !! But unfortunately about a week later, her bowel perforated again and being a medical professional herself, she knew it was the end so she opted to not have any further surgery and she signed a DNR form. 12 January 2015, my mummy passed away.

Like I said guys, I am not sharing this for sympathy but just as a nudge for you and me to give! I never thought any of this would happen to anyone in my family, you hear about all the time but you think, not me! My mums story wasn't a successful one because I guess it was her time to go, but the medication, the chemo it gave her that slim chance! Let's give so the research continues and maybe your mum will have a better chance!!!!

Love Raiiney!!!! Xxx



Lorraine I am so, so sorry to hear about your mum.

I think it's fantastic that you're looking to do something so positive in her memory to help us beat blood cancer. We've made incredible progress and one day we will beat blood cancer but as your own experiences make clear we still have some way to go. 

Good luck with all the training, keep up the blogging and thanks so much for everything you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. If you need any tips or advice at any time please don't hesitate to get in touch as that's what we're here for. One thing that you might find useful to get yourself started is our online fundraising guide: https://leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk/ten-step-online-fundraising

Our Unstoppable cyclists Facebook group is also a great place for you to share tips, training routes and talk with others taking part in the Bikeathon: https://www.facebook.com/groups/unstoppablecyclists/

Thanks again for all your support - together we will beat blood cancer!