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My toy sale to raise money to help my Uncle and others sick with lymphoma

Hana B
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16 Oct 2013

It all started when I went to visit my uncle he was in hospital and still is being treated for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I made him a present, a little sock with his name sewed on with buttons. It was then that I thought about selling my old toys for charity to help him and others like him.

On my first day of selling in the summer holidays I waited and waited for a customer, but nobody came. So I asked my mum if I could go to the park and sell my toys and books. There were lots of children but when they saw my sign the parents said no to them buying my toys. I got quite upset but mummy said “God loves a trier”): So I stored that information in the back of my mind and was determined to carry on. 

When I got back from the park I set my stall up at the end of the drive and waited and that was when my first customer came. I told her about my charity and what I was doing so she bought a toy that was 50p, but she very kindly gave me a £20 note. I was very excited and run indoors to tell mummy of my good fortune. Once I had that money it encouraged me to carry on.

Throughout the next hour I met an old gentleman walking to the local pub he gave me £5 and yet didn’t buy anything. Although he did say he would come back again with his wife and spend more money for a toy for their handicapped son. At the end of the day I had collected £35.

On day two, I got up early in the morning around 8am and started up my business once again. The sun was shining down on my toys like a spot light. Many people came but I particularly remember a man who came and donated a pound. Ten minutes later he returned with his wife who generously gave me all her change. When she did so she said “have it all, you need it more than I do”.

Another ten minutes went by and then their son came back and gave more money. Afterwards a builder gave a pound. Another man drove passed a few times but ignored me. Then at the end of the day he returned and said “I’ve seen you out here all day so I must buy something.” 

I use to shout quite loudly “Toys for sale, all the money goes to charity”, and throughout those days I met some lovely people, the man who had the handicapped son came back with his wife and bought an electric microwave and a music box.

Also I met people who lived down the lane , there was a family with two children who bought some toys, a lady who donated five pounds who then referred her friend her to me. That same lady even sent her daughter who lived in Eastbourne.

People were very kind and many had had friends or family who had been sufferers of non Hodgkin’s.
I just hope that this small contribution I have made will help your charity in some way.



What a fantastic story Hana! I admire your dedication and positive attitude. As well as raising vital funds for the charity, I'm sure your efforts brightened up the days of all those who had the pleasure of coming by. Keep at it!


Well Done Hana! At such a young age to do something like this is inspirational - you should be very proud of yourself - also you have shown that you are a strong girl to take rejection the first few times but be determined to carry on - that's true fighting spirit which no doubt will motivate your uncle too! Good Luck!


You are amazing Hana and your bright smile I'm sure melted their hearts. I hope your uncle is getting better. You have done an amazing thing. Be very proud


Dear Hana, you certainly have inspired everyone who knows you - Grace is planning to run half marathon in London in October and her chosen charity is, of course the Lymphoma Research. You are a truly lovely person and your hard work is much appreciated.


Well done Hana! This maybe a bit late but i just want to congratulate you!
From She-she

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