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My training for the bikeathon

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23 Jun 2014

So, the end of my first week of training for the Bikeathon. 10 weeks to go.

Took the bike out the shed and confirmed it still has the two wheels, and amazingly the tyres are still inflated.

We have a man-made lake not far from where I live so I've done (on two separate days) a lap of this. Not sure how far it is but it felt like 20-odd miles. I've bought a little cheap gizmo for my bike that records how far you cycle so the next time I'll know how far it actually is, which could be depressing.

So far no muscle aches but on both occasions I was wiped out for the evening. hmmm. a bit of work needed.

Thanks everyone who jumped in so quickly with donations, particularly the person who wishes to remain anonymous but made a pretty huge dent into my target. I’m really humbled.



Hi Sam,

20 + miles is a great starting point - you're certainly ahead of me as I've yet to purchase a bike but am off to Center Parcs this weekend so will have an opportunity to cycle around a bit then.

Can't believe there are only 10 weeks to go before the Bikeathon - it's come around quickly! I'm going to loosely follow the 10 week cycle plan to get me in to shape. Here's the link if you're interesed:

Good luck with the fundraising too - I've already surpassed the £100 initial target and looking forward to receiving my LLR jersey as a result.



Thanks for your reply Andy. I said it felt like 20 miles but I think it's actually maybe 1.5 or 2 miles at the most. Hopefully once I get into a routine I'll be able to do a few laps without collapsing!.

I've had a look at the 10-week plan and it looks good, something to work towards but I have to work my annual holiday into it somewhere.

Good luck with Center Parcs. Been there a few times and there's a nice cross-country sort of route around the perimeter.. Good luck also with your fundraising.


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