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My week's work experience at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

Joe S
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05 Jul 2013

Work experience - what to do? Silly question I knew exactly what I wanted to do the moment I was told about it! I wanted to do something I enjoyed and something I was likely to be involved in in the future. Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research fitted in that category perfectly.

The week started differently, making my way to the head offices in Holborn, London. I was introduced to my team in the fundraising department a few of whom I’d already met before at various events and it struck me at once what a warm and friendly environment it was. I started my first day working with Ben and Sophie who work on events in the South East creating advertising posters for the upcoming 'Small Change, BIG Impact' campaign which was fun. With a team so small, I realised how hard everyone must work in order to achieve such great things and big events. In the afternoon I worked with Helen and sent out fundraising material to people planning any type of fundraising event. Viewing all the behind the scenes work that goes into the organising of all the shirts of the London Bikeathon and all the collection buckets was intriguing.

Tuesday presented me with a new task with the sports team. Our job was to drive the 100 mile bikeathon route and make sure it was suitable to ride and to figure out the exact route riders would take. Cycling is a great passion of mine and with the aim of completing the London to Paris ride next year it was a great opportunity to ask lots of questions and watch Paul, who has his own cycling club, tackle climbs such as Box Hill. Taking us 100 miles, it really made me appreciate all the hard work and planning that goes into events such as the London Bikeathon each year. It also made me very excited for the London Bikeathon where I will be riding 52 miles. On Wednesday I was back in the office and my day consisted of the complicated job of rearranging the 100 mile Bikeathon route so that main roads and certain places were avoided whilst trying to keep the route at 100 miles. This took a long time and was complicated but eventually we got there. It made me realise how hard a relatively small sports team must work to create these routes year upon year on their own.

On Thursday I sat in on an inspiring Corporate Team meeting which was actually very interesting as I came out pretty much able to understand most things Callum had said. Friday morning saw me starting in the corporate corner researching corporate events/days for potential clients. This was, I imagine, the fun side of the job however I can understand why these would be so important to the corporate team.

I’ve had lots to do with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research for about thirteen years now and throughout they have always been very professional, organised and friendly and kind. This did not change at all this last week. What I admire most about LLR is that whether they themselves have cancer, a family member or friend has cancer or they are simply very passionate about raising money for a great cause - all the volunteers and employees manage to come together like a big family with one common goal – to beat blood cancer for good. And that is evident in everything they do! I feel privileged to have been a part of the fundraising team for a week and thank you to everyone at LLR who made me feel welcome and gave me a fun week away from school! I’m sure I’ll return in due course for more, and I look forward to the day I can.



Great blog Joe, I'm pleased you had a great week, I know the team's loved working with you. Can't help but think you made a bit too much progress in just one week, I'm imagining you sitting at my desk on Monday morning!

Sorry I missed most of it, I've been locked away writing the Annual Review- in fact I should've made that part of your work experience!

See you at London Bikeathon if not before!




It was an honour to have you out with us on Tuesday Joe. I'm new to the charity but I had heard so many wonderful things about you, I was excited that I would be working alongside you for the day as I viewed this as an opportunity for me to learn something as well. 

You didnt just sit there and watch, you got involved and really showed your passion for the charity. 

You are a credit to your family and a genuine top lad !

Keep it up mate and really looking forward to seeing you on 15th September !


Chapeau !