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Need some fundraising inspiration?

Caitlin Ashdown
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11 Nov 2014

We've been thinking about ways of increasing your fundraising with minimal effort!

Here in the South East we've been thinking about ways that you can boost your fundraising over the next few months, especially with Christmas on the way. Here are a few ideas - let us know what you think! 

Secret Santa

Celebrate Christmas with your friends, family or colleagues by taking part in your usual Secret Santa, but raise some money for us in the process! Restrict the cost of the presents to £4 instead of £5 and give the extra £1 to the charity.

Onesie Day

Wear a onesie and pay to enter! Where school or club uniform, or work-attire, is compulsory, a onesie day makes a great fundraiser. Encourage everyone to wear their onesie and pay for the privilege.

Silver smarties

Did you know that a tube of Smarties can hold £10-worth of 20p pieces? Turn Smarties into money by running a silver Smarties challenge. Buy bulk from a wholesaler, provide people with a tube each, asking that they fill it up or complete small chores to earn 20p! Give a deadline and ask people to return their full tubes by that date. This could work well with friends, families, companies and clubs.


The contact details of your nearest fundraiser can be found on our Local Fundraising page if you’d like to talk more with them about any of these ideas (or others!). We would love to hear from you!