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Neutrophils neutrophils neutrophils

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11 May 2015

Where are you?!!!

Ugh. Day +16 and no change in blood counts. Neutrophils still 0.0 so Ive had another bone marrow test today to find out what's going on. I'm so scared that there's still lots of leukaemia present which will change my treatment plan for cycle 2. Has anyone else experienced this? 



Hi Josie,

Really sorry to hear that there's been no change in the blood counts. I hope that the bone marrow test makes things a little clearer and that your consultant and their team are able to get to the bottom of what's going on.

This must be a very anxious time for you - I remember waiting for signs that my immune system were back up and running after I had my bone marrow transplant back in 2004 and was a very frustrating and nerve wracking time but it DID happen and you're certainly not alone.

It does sound like you could really do with talking to others who have been in your position. We're building our online community at the moment and in time will be a great place to start however in the meantime I would recommend both of these Facebook groups:

Do keep us updated and remember that we're behind you every step of the way!


Hi Josie, so sorry to hear you have this horrible disease. My daughter Daisy was diagnosed with AML at 17 months. She also did not respond to the first chemo (she still had 56% blasts in her marrow) so we were not allowed home inbetween rounds 1 and 2. We were in hospital for 8 weeks before her second bone marrow aspirate showed complete remission! I know that is all you think about and days are long and tiring. But it's the best place for you to be at the moment. Please don't give up hope. My daughter had 4 rounds of chemo before she had a bone marrow transplant. She has now been in remission for 2 years! Stay strong and positive and I hope very soon you will be home with your family xx