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A new bike

Paul W
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09 Jun 2014

I have decided a road bike might be better suited to the Bikeathon than my hybrid, as if I needed an excuse to buy a new bike!

So I took the plunge on Friday and ordered a new road bike to help train for the Bikeathon and went for the 2014 Trek 1.1. It was at the upper end of my price range but it's a nice looking bike and it will help get me into a different frame of mind as the Hybrid is my commuting bike.

i should be picking it up today or tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes.



Looking good Paul! What does it ride like?

I'm in the market for a bike actually for the London Bikeathon - do you mind me asking how much it cost and where you got it from? Good luck with all the training and thank you so much for all your support - it's thanks to people like you that I'm still here today.



it cost £600 from Evans and I spent an extra £35 of a set of race mudguards and £30 on SPD pedals to replace those that came with the bike.

I've only taken it out for a quick spin around the block and it's a completely different ride than the hybrid. I'm looking forward to going for a longer ride.


I don't know an awful lot about bikes but I have been doing a little look around recently with the view of purchasing my own bike for the Bikeathon and that sounds like a pretty decent deal to me. Good luck with the rest of the training and reaching that £100 fundraising target to get yourself one of those cycling jerseys!

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