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New cycling kit!

Trevor J
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06 Jan 2013

So 2013 is now here and London | Paris is no longer next year, look at it this way today is the 6th of January, that makes it exactly five months till D day.

Reflecting as to where I am now and where I need to be in five months I would say my school report would read C+, Good effort but requires more focus. Well that focus is taking shape, you see not only has it been Christmas but I am also now another year older having turned 43 on the 3rd. Knowing I wanted new bike gear I had requested money for both and first on the shopping list was clip less pedals and and new pair of Shimano shoes, taking the plunge into serious cycling and at the same time terrifying my wife in the process.

As well as the shoes I've ordered a new Specialized S3 helmet and a set of Unstoppable cycling gear direct from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Referencing my other passion of fishing, this now makes me an official "Tackle tart". The other area of focus is my core health and fitness, so plans are to alter my eating habits (goodbye chocolate and biscuits) and the target is to loose at least a stone in weight.

Well as soon as I got my shoes I was eager to try them out so a quick run round the block ended with Angela shooting a short video (I'm sure she thought I was going to fall off) and the attached short masterpiece was the result of an hour playing with video apps on the mobile phone:

The serious first test came on Friday when I went on a fifty mile ride, and to my surprise I felt very comfortable if a little weird. One or two wobbles ensued at junctions but in general I was very happy and a little relieved. The only real problem came in the way of flood water still hanging around. It was out beyond Danbury when I came across the flood above, having been dodging pot holes further along this lane I felt it unwise to cycle through this river/road. So the only option was to walk along the bank to the side, in shoes or wellies no problem, in cleated cycle shoes not so. The next ten minutes were spent trying to clear the the mud from my cleats and on I went hoping not to get them stuck next time I stopped, the fear of toppling over when stopping had become more of a reality. Sorry to report it didn't happen, I did have a puncture further up the road but apart from that the ride finished without any further incident.

Satisfied with a good work out I look forward to the exciting times that lie ahead this year. Roll on Paris,


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