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New ‘Eating well with neutropenia’ booklet now available

Emily Peters
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11 May 2017

We’ve worked with people affected by blood cancer, dietitians and clinicians to improve our 'Dietary advice for people with neutropenia' booklet, so it’s now up to date, easier to understand, and includes a range of fantastic recipe ideas.

If you have blood cancer or a related blood condition, you may develop neutropenia – which means it will be harder for your body to fight infections. But if this happens, there are lots of steps you can take to help reduce your risk of developing infections – such as changing the way you store, prepare and cook your food, and possibly changing your diet.

Eating well with neutropenia (the new name for our revamped dietary advice booklet) takes you through these steps and helps you decide whether they’re right for you. It’s set out in a clear and simple way, which we hope will help you find what you need, and is peppered with quotes from our very own patient Ambassadors, so you can read about the real-life experiences of others with neutropenia.

And that’s not all – as well as updating the booklet’s content and refreshing the design, we’ve also added some exciting recipes – from smoothies to curries – that we hope will help you improve your appetite.

We know that eating as well as possible can help you feel better and stay stronger during and after cancer treatment – but we’d love to hear your personal experiences of this. If a particular meal or food has helped you feel better during or after treatment, please comment in the box below with the recipe – or simply add an Instagram-worthy snap of your favourite meal for others to see.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to those of you who took the time to share your experiences with us and help us review the booklet – we couldn’t have done this without you!

If you or someone close to you has neutropenia and would like to know more, you can download Eating well with neutropenia here – or you can fill out an order form if you would like a hard copy. For more information about the booklet or our other patient information, visit our patient booklet pages or get in touch by sending an email to patientinformation@bloodwise.org.uk

We hope you’ll find some helpful recipe ideas below. Please remember, it’s your responsibility to check with your healthcare team or dietitian that any new recipes you try are safe and appropriate for you.

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