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New grant awards given to Cardiff University researchers

Claire Horrex
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28 Aug 2015

£3.3 million of new commitments are awarded into research including two teams from Cardiff University.

A few weeks ago our Board of Trustees met and on the agenda was a number of new grant awards which had been recommended for funding by our Research Committee. It's with great delight that we can report that all recommendations were approved, with new commitments totalling £3.3 million.

Two specialist projects were given extensions, one of those being Dr Richard Darley & Dr Alex Tonks of Cardiff University and the other was in Glasgow.

One award that also stands out goes to Duncan Baird,who recently spoke at our annual Impact Day. He spoke passionately about his and his team's work on 'telomeres' and how they've developed a diagnostic test that measures the health of these telomeres in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells. The results will allow them to predict the patients who are unlikely to need treatment with startling accuracy. This will really benefit watch and wait patients like our very own Kate Giles, whose blog you can read here. This new award will allow the team to set up a clinical facility in South Wales, to trial their new test with a larger number of patients.

This is the third grant that we've awarded Duncan and his team. Since 2008 we've helped to fund their research and we now can see the benefits of long-term support with these fantastic results being seen and taken forward.

Good luck to all the teams that were successful with the applications and we look forward to seeing how they all get on.

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