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New Multiple Myeloma study open in North West London

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11 Jul 2016

A new early phase clinical trial has opened up in London which is testing a new drug in patients with multiple myeloma

Who is this trial for?

You must be someone who has received at least two prior treatments for myeloma (including both an IMiD and a proteasome inhibitor) and not currently be a candidate for transplantation.

What is this trial examining?

The study is looking at a new drug, called DTP3, which is given intravenously, three times a week. It has a novel mechanism of action and has shown very encouraging results against myeloma in animal testing. This is the first study in humans, looking at the safety and efficacy of DTP3.

Where does the drug come from?

DTP3 was invented at Imperial College London by the team of Professor Guido Franzoso, who has spent the last twenty years working on this. The study is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), which is part of the UK government.

Which hospitals are taking part?

The trial is already running at Hammersmith Hospital and will soon open at a number of other London hospitals.

Who do I contact for more information?

You can email the trial team at dtp3trial_enquiries@imperial.ac.uk

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