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New neutropenia and clinical trials booklets available

Emily Peters
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28 Apr 2017

Calling all haemato-oncology nurses: you can now order two new patient information booklets from Bloodwise: 'Eating well with neutropenia' and 'Your guide to clinical trials'.

Eating well with neutropenia and Your guide to clinical trials booklets

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of two new patient information booklets: Eating well with neutropenia and Your guide to clinical trials

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with patients, nurses, dieticians, researchers and consultants to update and expand on our existing booklets: Dietary advice for patients with neutropenia and Clinical trials –and we’re delighted to finally be able to share the results of our efforts with you.

We hope that Eating well with neutropenia will be a helpful companion to anyone with neutropenia; helping them navigate their way through the minefield of opinions that surround neutropenic diets and make informed decisions about what they choose to eat, and how they store, prepare and cook it.

In the back of the booklet, we’ve included a range of quick, easy recipes to suit a range of different tastes. We hope that these will help patients maintain a varied diet that’s packed full of flavour, while lowering their risk of getting infections.

The second of our new booklets explains what clinical trials are, how they work, and what it means to join one. It talks patients through the different stages of a clinical trial, along with the risks and benefits associated with taking part. Throughout the booklet, we’ve included quotes that share the thoughts and experiences of patients who have taken part in clinical trials, to help answer some of the questions readers may have.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Natasha Jones, Gemma Trout, Jo Tomlins, Joanna Injore, Angela Hall and the Haematology Subgroup of the British Dietetic Association Oncology Group for their help and support in developing Eating well with neutropenia and checking it for clinical accuracy.

Our thanks also go out to Susan Neeson and Michelle Harry for their help in developing the content for Your guide to clinical trials – a booklet that can be a beacon of hope for many patients.

If you’d like to share these booklets with your patients, you can download Eating well with neutropenia or Your guide to clinical trials in PDF format – or you can fill out an order form for either booklet if you would like some hard copies.

For more information about either resource, or to access more patient information, please visit our patient booklet pages or contact us on information@bloodwise.org.uk

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