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New running shoes... TICK!

Sam, Jorge And ...
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17 Jun 2014

Click here for a little update on the three Orrin's current training (or lack of in some cases!) for the race...

I bought a new pair of (rather garish) running shoes, so thought it'd be worth sharing with all of you lovely people who have donated.

To give you all an update on the twins' "training":

Jorge has done his back in whilst playing football. Not a great start, but a couple of weeks off and he'll be back to full fitness and ready to run like Forrest Gump again.

Traditionally more of a cyclist, Casey is currently mentally preparing himself for the 10k run in September. He's formalising his preparations as we speak, having consulted with more experienced friends in the running game. The plan is to start with a few 3k's, then step up to a 6k run, ready for September's 10k. After all, slow and steady wins the race...

Will update you all again soon.

Sam x



I bought a new pair of running shoes too! Equally as bright :D

I've also signed up for RTTB so see you around the route with super bright shoes! 


Ah great, well done Lauren!

I see that you work for the charity, and wonder whether you can help me.

We want to be able to update everyone who's donated to our cause with our own emails, as the blog posts on here can only be viewed by people who are going back to the fundraising page. One of the main problems with this fundraising site is that there's no way of proactively contacting all of those who have donated their hard earned cash to the cause; short of trying to hunt them down individually based on their individual comments and donations. Can you supply me with the email list of everyone who has donated (I'll want this perhaps every other week, as the list of donations grows) so I can keep everyone in the loop with our progress.

As it stands at the moment, some people have given £100 and wont be able to even see if we'll even complete the race!  

I've spoken with your colleague Nicci a couple of times, but haven't had an anwer. Can you help?




Hi Sam, will pass this on for you - and see what we can do. Will be in touch shortly. Lauren 


Thanks Lauren, Nicci's been in touch with help. Cheers. See you in your luminous running shoes in September!

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