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The next 6 months

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23 Jun 2015

So the next 6 months went by pretty uneventful – I found someone to kindly run my place in the GNR given that was due to take place on the 20th Sept – my due date was the 18th!! And St. John retuned to work full time.
We mainly took it turns having scans - making sure what was in me was growing and what was in St. John wasn’t!  - He started with scans and bloods, taken every 3 months after being put into remission.  I had a scan at 20 weeks – we decided not to find out the sex of the baby – and another scan later on into my pregnancy as my bump was too little. All was looking good – the cancer was still at bay and my bump, although little, was healthy – even if I didn’t feel it!. In the August we returned to Ambleside and had a lovely few days there.
Over all it was a stark contrast from the previous year (although nearly as many hospital visits) thankfully not a stressful (well nearly). St. John had however took an adverse reaction to hospitals – and was often sick on entering one (the smell), so whilst he attended some appointments with me – it wasn’t all – plus he was unsure if he would be able to be at the birth – I got this – I knew where he was coming from – but most people couldn’t believe he might not be there – I had my sister as back up and he would decide as and when!
The 18th Sept came …and went….



I'm really not surprised that St. John had an adverse reaction to hospitals - I went through something similar once I became an outpatient. I think the smells trigger associations with your time undergoing treatment that lie deep within your subconscious and you often don't even realise are there.

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