NHS Blood & Transplant charity partnership 2016 - 2018

11 Jul 2016

As part of our partnership I held a Bloodwise awareness afternoon at Manchester NHSBT

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to win  the staff vote to become NHSBT’s supported charity, the partnership will run from April 2016 – March 2018.

Along with fundraising, discussions are being had around ways Bloodwise and NHSBT can support each other’s campaigns online, in the media and general PR. We are also looking into ways we can engage/support the donor centres, there are 16 main centres with an aim to recruit a Charity Champion for each of the centres to work closely with us on fundraising and raising genral awareness of who we are and what we do.

As part of this I got the opportunity to go to Manchester to talk to the wonderful staff about what we do, how they can get involved and how synergies between our organisations. From our joint goals of saving lives to the most salient to me being the use of NHSBT products products for Blood Canscer patients given the blood transfusions and large amount of platlets I had during my treatment! 

There were two sessions with plenty of interaction and questions, some of which were a bit beyond my levels of knowledge but hopefully I was able to point people in the right direction! I really enjoyed speaking to the staff there and having the chance to talk about how we can work together. Hopefully this will be the start of a very productive and succesful partnership!


Abigail E

Thanks for sharing Steve, and for taking the time to represent Bloodwise at this event. It's great that NHSBT staff were able to see first-hand the difference that their work is making to blood cancer patients, and how closely aligned it is to what we are doing at Bloodwise! 

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