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NHS Blood & Transplant Service - Ambassadors needed

Andy Jackson
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02 Dec 2014

Help us spread the word about blood cancer and encourage more donors to sign up to give blood and platelets.

Earlier this year we started a partnership with the NHS Blood & Transfusion Service (NHSBT) as we look to support each other in our respective quests to raise awareness and encourage further support.

As part of the partnership the NHSBT are really keen for blood cancer patients who have received blood or platelets to visit centres and talk to staff and donors about their experiences to help people appreciate just how much of a difference they make. At the same time it gives us a great opportunity to raise awareness about blood cancer.

Last week Ann Bromley and I visited the West End Donor Centre in what we hope will be the first of many Ambassador visits over the course of the partnership which has another 18 months to run.

It was an incredibly worthwhile experience with the highlight undoubtedly being when we got the opportunity to talk some of the donors including a lady called Ilaria who was on the brink of tears when she spoke to us.

Speaking to Ilaria made me realise just much of an impact we can have on both staff and donors and if we can encourage people to keep making donations in our role as Ambassadors that can only be a good thing as blood and platelet transfusions as you all know are so important to patients.

Brett Grist has very kindly agreed to attend a couple of donor centres in the Bristol area over the next couple of weeks but we're very keen to help support the NHSBT more widely at other centres across the UK.

If you're interested in helping out or finding out more about NHSBT visits please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at and I'll look into trying to organise a time, date and centre that works best for you.  

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