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No going back now!!

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31 Dec 2015

My admission for my bone marrow transplant!

Tuesday evening I got a phone call to say that I had a bed on Waddington ward at kings. Now yesterday was the 29th, I was anticipating not going into hospital until the 30th at the earliest, there was no way I was expecting to have a bed earlier. Consequently I was a little shocked and under prepared. In typical Emma style I hadn’t packed ANYTHING, leaving it all to the last minute! My only saving grace was that I had actually done all my washing in preparation for packing.

So my mum and stepdad rushed back to Peterborough to help me pack and we set off to London at 7pm. We grabbed a sandwich on route and made our way to Kings. On arrival at 9:30pm we were told the room wasn’t yet clean!! 2 hours I waited for my room to be cleaned….. most frustrating thing is we might as well have had a proper meal on route and also my mum and stepdad didn’t then get home till the small hours!

Mentally I’m not sure I was ready either. Although are you ever really ready to have your body pumped full of chemo? The one advantage is that it saved me having a day sat next to the phone waiting for a bed as it was unexpected, so it probably saved me a lot of stress. Also now I’m here it means I can set my room up properly whilst I have energy and aren’t attached to a pump.

As I’m in a day early then today is all about preparations. They are trying to get my hickman line in a bit earlier but I’m allowed to roam around once that has been done. Plan is to keep myself busy, visit some friends and avoid thinking about what tomorrow holds!!

This is now home for the next month or so!!

Yesterday was an interesting day…… The nurses thought I *might* get a cancellation for the insertion of my hickman line so I had to stay in the hospital for the day to ensure I would be near by. Turns out I wasn’t actually booked in till today…… so that was a waste!!

To make up for it I have been rebelling and escaping last night and this afternoon. Both times I have been called by the hospital to get back; once because I was gone too long (according to hospital policy apparently) and the second because a porter had come to pick me up for a chest x-ray! Ooopss!!!

Today was my first dose of chemo (fludarabine). After some too-ing and fro-ing the doctors finally decided to give me the full dose of the chemo. (Until yesterday they had halved my dose as my kidney funtion didn’t look too great, apparently it is fine now despite the half bottle of wine last night!)

For anyone that is interested here is my chemo regime for the next week:

Likelihood is it will take a few days to get side effects from the Fludarabine, but once the Campath hits I will feel like poo!!

Chemo has started and that is it, no going back now…. goodbye old bone marrow!! Gaaahhh…. I feel like now I am just sitting and waiting for any side effects…..

On a lighter note…… here is Reagan and Russell rocking my wigs!!




Thanks so much for the updates Emma.

It sounds like you're keeping your doing everything you can to keep your spirits up and it's great that you've got your friends and family around you to help get you through the next month or so.

Wishing you all the best ahead of the transplant tomorrow. We're all thinking of you and want you to know that we're always here to help in any way that we can. I'd be very interested to know what you think of the transplant itself. For me it was a major anti-climax and I struggled to get my head round how what a bag of non-descript tomato ketchup coloured cells were going to save my life!

Remain as positive as you can, be patient and don't get worried if the white cells take a little longer to reappear than you'd first hoped as it does vary from person to person.


Well Emma, I hope that the transplant has gone ahead, and that you don't feel too poo (though poo was one of my problems and I had to weigh and fill in a poo chart!) Now the slow recovery to fitness starts. I hope you have some nice treats lined up in your recovery programme.Best wishes



Hi Emma - how are you getting on?


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