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No just no.

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12 Nov 2015

This blog is a lie, who has the right to say no to you? To even suggest no in your life? 

I got thinking about my wife who I love so dearly. It got me thinking of the times we had made something happen in life like when Andie's mum, Norma, died from cancer. It's a story of our lives together. You see I am the sort of person who likes to say no (if) you believe the title of this blog.

Norma was an amazing lady and I admired her greatly and writing this I'm reminded of a story which takes me slightl off track. So be it... I remember Andie turning to me one day after getting off the phone to her mum.

"What's up?" I said.

She began to tell me how her mum had hired a floorboard sander. You know the type - 5 ft tall with a massive conveyor sandpaper bottom. Norma was a slight lady and when she pulled the start lever it shot her from one side of the room to the other! As there were no other offers of help, it fell to me. To be honest it felt like an honour to go and sand the floor for her. I would do it the next day.

Although I sanded the floor quite quickly, I managed to spill the whole tin of floor stain over the floor. With no one around I quickly painted the whole floor in about 30 minutes, spreading the paint around so no one would notice. 

It's amazing because no one ever did notice and only me and Andie ever knew what I had done. Until now that is! 

She was lovely Norma and it was a great loss to lose her so young. I am reminded of Norma regularly because my wife, Andie, is so similar to her so often. She was gorgeous as is my wife. Inside and out.

So back to the story... 

When Andies mum left us. A dream died with her. Norma wanted to own and drive a mk 11 jaaaaag. You know the Inspector Morse one that everyone laughed at at first but then became a sought after expensive classic.

I couldn't stretch to that back then. But I did have a plan, that was to part ex her Renault Clio in for a jaguar xj8, so that Andie went to work in not the same as, but a dream I could afford in honour for Norma and Malcolm - Andie's parents.

Andie drove that car for a number of years making a dream come true which brings me to the back to the point of this blog and that is this:

If someone says no to you, make sure that you make the dream happen that has been refused by the person, that can't dream big enough. After all the limit of your dream is in your head. It's only you that stops a dream coming true, just make it happen. It's not what you do when they are gone that matters, it's what you do in their life.

Enjoy your day


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Interesting blog, Fonz, which certainly got me thinking about what life would be like if more people started from a stand point of saying yes rather than no.

Would you say that this was an outlook you adopted after your experiences with lymphoma or was this something that you had before treatment?

Norma sounds like a remarkable woman and I think it's really nice that you honoured her with the car - do you still have it? 


Andy, hi and thanks for your comment. I was always a positive person and made sure that I always saw the best in people. However I have found it vital to encourage people to have a similar outlook since lymphoma as so many seem to think it's hopeless in cancer. We don't have the car (s) anymore Amdie has her own dreams fulfilled as I do in my little TVR. I long to encourage and hope that tomorrow's blog which is going on my site, I would gladly post it here should you wish. It's called " survivors guilt" hope this finds you well. Look forward to your thoughts.


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