Challenge 2014 T
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No pain no gain

Challenge 2014 T
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29 Nov 2013

This week has been challenging! We've all had those times when we're busy and trying to keep up going to the gym etc is hard, well this was one of those weeks.

This week has been cold and wet and busy. Johno has been away several week days with work and we've been struggling to get the time to run together, instead we have been dividing and conquering. This weekend was going to be impossible for me so instead we ran 10 miles this morning (friday) and beleive me it was hard. We both felt like we could have just stopped at any point but we kept  on going, that old phrase "no pain no gain" making us keep going for the whole 10 miles, taking us up to just above 20 miles in a week. 

I took this little photo to show you we're still out and about and trying to advertise that we're raising money for a good casue.



Amazing you guys!!!! Xxx

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