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Not just a burger to mark Impact Day

Team B
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23 Apr 2013

Disclaimer: the photos in this blog post may make you salivate!

Our charity burger, "The Royale", launched on 23 March at a local restaurant which specialises in gourmet burgers, Red Squirrel (check out their fab website.). Many thanks to Red Squirrel for their generosity!

The Royale is, as you would expect from its name, a top of the class, delightfully scrumptious burger. Check out a shot of our burger on the menu:

As Team Brodies couldn't make it down to London for Impact Day for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, we thought it would be appropriate to mark Impact Day ourselves by arranging a special dinner at Red Squirrel with a group of colleagues to devour lots of charity burgers!

Was the evening a success? I'll let the following photos answer that question…


And after!

By Monica, Team Brodies

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