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Not just a trip to London!

Team B
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28 Feb 2013


By Monica Ross, Team Brodies

The day of our pitch, Thursday the 14th of February, started off bright and early for me with my alarm waking me up at 5am. Being no stranger to early morning spin classes I should have been bouncing out of bed ready for the day, but I admit that a large cup of coffee was needed!

By 7am I was sitting on a small plane on the runway of Edinburgh Airport, ready to take off to London. Unfortunately the plane had other ideas! We all needed to disembark to allow an engineer to fix a technical fault - not the best start! Fortunately the engineer sorted it out and we eventually took off at 9.15am. Thanks to the help of Rebecca & co at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, who were extremely accommodating, I managed to arrive for our pitch in the nick of time.

Expecting a formal pitch environment along the lines of The Apprentice and Dragons' Den (but with a lot less clichés) my teammates and I were pleasantly surprised by the warm attitude of the panel and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our exciting plans with them. It was a brilliant experience and we are very excited to put our ideas into action.

Pitch over, we decided we needed to celebrate with a bottle of fizz (is there any other way to celebrate?!) before travelling back to the airport for our return flight to Edinburgh. Not bad for a day's work!

Now the hard work really begins - so look out for updates on our next Team Brodies event coming your way very soon!

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