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Note to self: check the weather forecast before setting off!

Ellie V
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07 Jun 2014

A busy week at work, and typical British weather stalled my cycling to work routine this week. Saturday rolls around, and after dropping my significant other at work I was ready to set off on my first bike ride in a week. 

Shortly after I left it started raining and storming - thunder and lightning all around. I completed about 8km before calling it a day feeling quite frustrated - both with myself and the weather (after all, I was wearing my new trainers!)

A nice, but shorter than expected ride though. Of course the rain has cleared and blue sky is glaring at me.

... Off to check tomorrow's forecast! 




Oh no! On the plus side, the weather was glorious yesterday so hopefully you got an opportunity to get in a longer (and more enjoyable) ride yesterday? Keep doing what you're doing and all the best with the fundraising. Did you know that if you raise £100 it'll pay for nurses for two patients on a clinical trial and you'll get a free cycling jersey? Certainly got me motivated to keep going!

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