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Gemma J
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05 May 2014

Nearly 7 months on the 16th may 13 since diagnosis. My hair is growing back.......slowly not to my liking may I add. Lol.

I feel so much fitter and can do so much more! My blood levels are nearly back to normal, except my platelets who are not doing as they are told. 

I've planned to do a skydive soon, as long as my lovely consultant says so and Henry Hickman is now out and I went swimming last week for the first time in a year! It was great and my 4 year old, Zach, loved it.

Life is beginning to get back to normal. Xxx



HI Gemma, just wanted to say a big thank you for the update! It's great to hear that you're continuing to do well and are enjoying life again! That sky dive sounds like a fantastic target going forwards although you are, as I say, a far braver person than me! You'll have to write another blog about how you get on!


Wonderful to read that you're doing so well Gemma!

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