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Nursing Staff Survey

Kate A Keightley
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19 Nov 2015

We are calling all nurses treating haemato-oncology patients to take part in our survey about how Bloodwise can best support you in your work

Through results of our Patient Need project, it is clear that the experience patients have in hospital is inextricably linked to the hospital staff that care for them throughout diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment.  It is one of our key missions is to improve the lives of people living with blood cancer.  For this reason we are very keen to get a better understanding from staff about how we can support them in their nursing role, and support them to improve patient experience in the most effective way possible. 

As a first step, we have initiated a small working party from across the field of blood cancer nursing.  We have asked this group to help identify specific focus areas and initiatives Bloodwise can work on to best support the needs of the wider nursing community.

To do this we need to get as much information and understanding around these needs as we can.  Therefore we are calling all ward nurses, ward managers, clinical nurse specialists, clinical research nurses, clinical psychologists or any others working in haemato-oncology to complete the following short survey. This will allow us to gain a valuable insight into issues faced in your work and support that you and your patients would find most beneficial.

You can find the survey here:


With the results of this survey, the working group and Bloodwise can begin to prioritise and focus on what actions would benefit the nursing community in the most effective way.    

Please feel free to circulate this survey to as many people working with haemato-oncology patients or allied health professionals as possible so that we can collect the largest volume of data possible on nursing support needs.

If you have any questions about the information here or on the survey please call Kate Keightley, Patient Experience Manager on 0207 504 2213 or kkeightley@bloodwise.org.uk.

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