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October Research Roundup

Eleanor Baggley
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Eleanor Baggley
11 Oct 2014

Research Roundup is here to highlight the various research projects that are being worked on in hospitals and labs across the UK, and the benefits this is bringing to patients.  We have some examples below of research we’re funding and ways we’re working to increase public awareness and access to clinical trials.

However we want to hear from you - if you would like to highlight a particular research project you’re working on, or discuss how new research is impacting your nursing care, do let us know and we’d love to feature this in future newsletters.

New test is changing the outlook for AML patients

Earlier this month we interviewed our Director of Research, Dr Alasdair Rankin, about a new test which could tell doctors whether a patient's AML has been treated effectively, or if it is likely to come back. Alasdair talks about the test, why it's important, and the potential impact it could have on patients. The project is led by Professor David Grimwade from King's College London, with researchers from across Guy's and St Thomas'. The test is designed to pick up the slightest of faults in the NPM1 gene and is already being used across the UK to monitor patients. 

A similar test has been used for childhood leukaemia for some time - the MRD test - but this is the first time it has been used for AML. Not only will this identify early on which patients will benefit from stem cell transplants, but it will also protect patients who don't need it from such gruelling treatments. 

To watch the interview and find out more about the test, read the blog here.

Tackling resistance to leukaemia treatment

Bloodwise funded researchers at the University of Southampton have been testing a drug combination that attacks CLL on multiple fronts. The team believe that this combination could help overcome the problem of resistance to the current CLL drugs, including B-cell receptor inhibitors, because the combination will attack multiple cancer pathways at once using different mechanisms.

Using blood cells from CLL patients in the lab, the team tested new drug cerdulatinib, which blocks SYK and JAK, either alone or in combination with venetoclax. Results so far have shown a lot of promise.

Find out more in our blog here.

Latest publications from Bloodwise researchers

Our Research team shared an update this month which looks at all the latest publications from Bloodwise-funded scientists. There is a huge variety of research being undertaken by teams around the country and this article gives us a glimpse into what's going on - from new insights into the genetics behind CLL, to developing cell-based models used for testing ALL therapies, and learning more about what makes cells turn cancerous. Read our blog to find out more.

If you're working on a research project that you'd like to share please let us know.

Is this update interesting? We want to make sure that the information we’re sharing with you is as relevant and as useful as possible, so do let us know if you have any comments or if there’s anything else you’d rather see in our Reseach Roundup. Email support@bloodwise.org.uk with any comments.

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