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oh crikey,I'm really doing this

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07 Apr 2015

First post since I entered my name for the bikeathon

Hi everyone. So I'm doing it! After years of saying I would, I'm finally riding my first bikeathon. My inspiration, my coach and mentor will be my brother, Richard Castle. Many of you involved in this wonderful charity will know Richard. His fight against this disease and the money he has raised has been simply amazing. That's why I'm riding.

So my training will start soon. So I will blog on my progress, the aching muscles and the fun I will have(honestly!)


See you soon




Gazza, I'm really glad that you are doing this with me this year. Lets not forget where the stem cells came from that means I'm here to share your love of biscuits for Jack Russels and all things on the buses.

You have chosen an amazing charity whose research continues to make the lives of blood cancer patients that much better and improving survival rates.

We'll start training soon and on the big day you will be ready to enjoy the day. Remember, it's not a race but a day to cycle alongside other inspirational people raising money to help beat blood cancer, then afterwards we'll meet your Lizzie at the finish line and after collecting your medal, join her at the pig roast with a few cold beers.

On the day, you'll have to be up at 6 in the morning.




Bring it on on Gary - if Rich and I can do it anyone can! Really great to have you on board and look forward to catching up with you for a beer afterwards!