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Once upon a time, a long time ago.......! The Benchmark's Bikeathon - Trevor's day in the saddle

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02 Sep 2014

LLR Team Essex pace-setter Trevor gives his account of the 100 mile London Bikeathon

Well it feels very much like a fairytale and I did wake Monday morning and through the aches and pains pinched myself and realised it was not all a dream. Way back at the start of the year when I was setting my goals for the season ahead, there were several one hundred mile rides. Along with that was the challenge of what was akin to my own personal four minute mile: while I am no Roger Bannister my thoughts of cycling 100 miles in under six hours were both appealing and challenging in equal measures.

So Sunday was the day, the LLR London Bikethon, good weather (thats another story and it appears I am not jinxed after all). An early start was called for as Angela was part of the support crew and it was a great opportunity for me to get prepared for my own personal challenge before everyone started turning up. The team all rolled in and the atmosphere was electric as the mixture of excitement and intrepidation was evident, it wasn't long before the off and I waved goodbye wishing them luck as I went.

My attempt of six hours meant a selfish approach, knowing the team were in full support and I skipped from group to group getting a draft whenever I could. I'd hooked up with Michael and Steve and as a three we shared the efforts on the front. At fifty miles an average of 19.5 mph showed how hot the pace had been, would I suffer later? Well we pushed on and somewhere lost Michael. Steve and I pushed on reminiscing our time together on the London 2 Paris ride and chewing up the miles. I'd had some cramps and the pace had slowed from earlier when we came to a feed zone at 75 miles and the news that only two guys were ahead of us lifted Steve, so after an F1 style pit stop we were off. Steve, a man possessed, had regained his vigour and it was all I could do to hold his wheel, that was until THAT hill at 81 miles. The last I saw of Steve was him dissapearing round a hair pin bend, bye mate.

From here my day changed I was hurting on my own and very shortly off route and lost. With the use of my gps and route map I worked out how to get back but, with the extra miles and the stopping to read the map, was my goal still in reach?  I pushed on through the pain and miles to the finish, completely spent and close to exhaustion and so grateful to see Angela's smiling face. The result! 107 miles in six hours, target smashed.

The last thing to do was the wait for the team and keep our fingers crossed they would all make it. So when that yellow jersey clad train rounded the final bend the day was complete. LLRTeamEssex truly #unstoppable

Cheers! Trevor #thebenchmark Jackson