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One Month To Go!

Team Black Hawk
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07 Jul 2014

Turned up the heat on my training!

The sun is out and so am I. My bike (Badboy) and I, are chewing up the Tarmac and trails around London and Berkshire, in preparation for the Bikeathon.

With a new saddle and a fabulously padded cycling bib, the streets are being painted with my sweat and tyre rubber. 

My endurance is increasing enabling me to cover longer distances.. I can cover just over 39miles (approximately 60km) but so far with a halfway break. Yesterday I rode 26.5miles (42.7km) with a halfway break... there's no question that I will not be able to do this ride. My personal challenge is to be able to cover the distance in one continuous ride..

The training continues..

....and I laugh in the face of Boris Bikes.. pfffft!



Great to hear the training is going so well - sounds like you've got it all under control and are enjoying it, too, which is a bonus. With such enthusiasm I'm sure that you'll be ablel to cover the distance in one ride, no problem.

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