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Our £1 million weekend

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17 Sep 2013

Thank you to everyone who took part in the London Bikeathon on Sunday.  The amazing effort of all riders helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds to help beat blood cancer – together with our runners and riders at the Great North and Mini Great North Run, Bath Bikeathon, Bristol Half Marathon and the Thames Path Challenge we raised over £1m last weekend, and we simply couldn’t do it without our unstoppable supporters.

We’re always happy to receive feedback from our riders.  We’ve had plenty of useful comments already, and if you’d like to get in touch, please contact the Bikeathon team at londonbikeathon@beatingbloodcancers.org.uk – all comments will help us make next year’s Bikeathon bigger and better, so let us know what you thought.

Congratulations to everyone who took part – hope you enjoy a well-earned rest this week, and look forward to seeing you next year!



It was a great event to do and I had a great ride at a good average mph.
Delighted that the day raised so much money.
Just a couple of niggles.
I was a 100-miler and when we got the outskirts of Ewell, or thereabouts, the marshal pointed us back in the direction of London!
It wasn't until we were on Putney Bridge, about 5 miles from the finish that I stopped the group of about 20 riders and said that we must have gone wrong.
So we re-traced our steps (wheels!) back to the marshal who was still none the wiser.
The fact that the Garmin download route was different to the actual final route added to the confusion. The web site did say that the final route may change but a tannoy announcement would have been good.
It was quite funny when one of the riders thought he was having a Groundhog day because he spotted his hotel again on Putney Bridge.
So I did just over 120 on the day but still loved the ride, and in some mad way the diversion spurred me and another rider to dig deep and crack on. Some of the other guys were quite distressed about facing a 120 mile day however, having never even done 100 miles before.
Maybe next time the marshals could be briefed to realise that a 100 mile rider would not be heading home after just an hour or so but needs to be directed south!
No water at the feed station before Leith Hill wasn't good and on a hot day could have been bad news for some riders.
My last (I promise) moan is that Putney High Street on a Sunday doesn't make for a good, safe ride and perhaps a back streets route through London could be considered?
I do lots of Sportives and also did the Ride London and I promise you that I am not a moaner and realise that there is a huge amount of organisation needed for the Bikeathon with people giving their time for free.
So a great ride, slightly dodgy logistics, and not too sure if I would do it again, but only because riding through London isn't much fun.


Hello, Thank you so much for your feedback on this year's London Bikeathon, you can rest assured that all feedback will be factored into the planning for next year's Bikeathon. This year's route was completely new and had to be changed from previous years to accommodate for two other events also taking part in London on Sunday which, unfortunately, we were unable to avoid clashing with due to the advance notice we had to give when booking the venues. The route itself was dictated by the police who advised us where our route could go in central London. Sadly this meant that many of the landmarks from previous Bikeathon's were not permissible. The level of traffic on the route was something that has been raised by other riders. Road closures for the other two events taking place on Sunday - the ITU Championships in Hyde Park and the Duathlon in Richmond Park - pushed traffic into other areas of London including parts of the Bikeathon route. We also appreciate that there were some issues with the marshalling on the day. Again, this is an issue that has been raised by other riders which we are certainly going to look into ahead of next year's event. Thanks again for your feedback and you can rest assured that we will take all of your points on board as we look to plan for next year's event. If there is anything else that you would like to discuss, please email us at londonbikeathon@beatingbloodcancers.org.uk. Best wishes, Nicci

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