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Our Catch 22 top tracks

Ellie Dawes
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Ellie Dawes
28 Oct 2014

Blogger Mark has requested our top 22 tracks of all time, for him to listen to as he recovers from his stem cell transplant. Here are the suggestions from our team...

Here at LLR HQ we have been glued to Mark's blog over the last couple of weeks as he receives his stem cell transplant. So, when he requested everyone's dream mix tape, we set about picking our top 22 tracks. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you would be subjected to if you were ever stranded on a desert island with a group of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research employees and a karaoke machine. You can also listen to this as a playlist on Spotify.

1. Hotel California, The Eagles.

Suggested by: Lizzie Goates, Supporter care team

"My parents used to make me listen to this all the time on long car trips."


2. Solsbury Hill, Peter Gabriel

Suggested by: Abi Ritchie, Corporate team

"It reminds me of my fiancee, but I can't remember why. Something to do with Vanilla sky? But now it plays every time he calls me!"


3. If We Ever Meet Again, Timberland feat. Katie Perry

Suggested by: Abi Ritchie, Corporate team

"My housemate and I loved this song at university - it reminds me of my time at Bristol and dancing to it in my room together."


4. Nothing Else Matters, Metallica 

Suggested by Andy Jackson, Digital engagement team

"This reminds me of when I was a teenager in my metal/grunge days. Looking back I didn't actually like a lot of the music we all listened to, but this song I absolutely loved and remember playing over and over again."


6. Naughty, Written by Tim Minchin for the musical Matilda

Suggested by Ellie Dawes, Digital engagement team

"I'm into theatre more than I'm into music. Tim Minchin is a genius and I think this is the best message for little girls ever - it's about taking responsibility for making changes in your own life and making things better for yourself. If I ever have kids I will play this song to them every day and raise little revolutionaries."


7. Dancing On My Own, Robyn

Suggested by Ellie Dawes, Digital engagement team

"This is what I play when I have a complicated and monotonous task to do at work. It helps me concentrate and is weirdly motivating. Plus it reminds me of dancing in a field at Bestival."


8. Greatest Love of All, Whitney Houston

Suggested by Lauren Dias, Insight team

"Everyone loves a power ballard to sing, to know all the words, and pretend you have the most amazing voice, right?!"


9. Wonderful World, Beautiful People, Jimmy Cliff 

Suggested by Rowan Parkes, Corporate team

"It's such a jolly hopeful song."


10. Tonight the Streets are Ours, Richard Hawley

Suggested by Helen Marsden, Content and communications team

"Um, it feels quite .. yeah the streets are OURS! Great tune, good voice, it's about being free."


11. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks, The National

Suggested by Helen Marsden, Content and communications team

"Just my favourite band, a song they always play acoustic at the end of sets and everyone sings along ... so good, it has good memories attached!"


12. Never Forget, Take That

Suggested by Steph Cade, Media & public affairs team

"It's an epic, mood-lifting song. Everyone knows it (they may pretend they don't, but they do!) and sings along!"


13. Three Little Birds, Bob Marley

Suggested by Steph Cade, Media & public affairs team

"It's a really positive song that always makes me smile."


14. What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

Suggested by Abbi Davies, Content and communications team

"It just cheers me up whenever I listen to it - no matter how sad I feel."


15. Move on Up, Curtis Mayfield

Suggested by Owen Bowden, Insight team

"Walked down the aisle to this last month."


16. You can call me Al, Paul Simon

Suggested by Jon Hoggard, Patient sevices team

"This is one of the most relentlessly chipper songs I’ve heard and always makes me smile with its sheer 80s jauntiness."


17. Angels of the Silences, Counting Crows

Suggested by Henry Winter, Media and public affairs team

"Played non-stop in our halls at Uni. Good times."


18. First Day of My Life, Bright Eyes

Suggested by Henry Winter, Media and public affairs team

"Upbeat in a depressing kind of way. puts a smile on my face."


19. Who's got a match, Biffy Clyro

Suggested by Will Bovill, Design team

"Good times at festivals!"


20. Mardy Bum, Arctic Monkeys

Suggested by Will Bovill, Design team

"Chilling out with my firends at the beach listening to this!"


21. Supersonic, Oasis

Suggested by Adam Orr, Media and public affairs team

"This song always reminds me of good times and I also feel supersonic after a gin & tonic."


22. I Won't Complain, Benjamin Clementine

Suggested by Adam Orr, Media and public affairs team

"I just love everything about this song."


Listen to the full list on Spotify here.

We might not have the musical taste to make great radio DJs, but we do have the skills and passion to make the world better for blood cancer patients. If you'd like to make the world a little bright brighter for someone with blood cancer today, why not donate to support our work? 

Or, you could give Mark something to listen to during his long nights in hospital by blogging your own top 22 tracks of all time! Join our community to write your own blogs.




What an eclectic mix on the playlist - should keep Mark very entertained. Devastated that my other choice got vetoed. I'll have to come up with my own 22 tracks to send on to Mark! 


Listening to it now on Spotify - expanding my music choices at the same time! I'm worried if I did my top 22 - it would be very pop heavy! 

Ellie Dawes

There ain't nothing wrong with a bit of Beyonce, Lauren!