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Our corporate partners get in gear

Alice Pink
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27 Aug 2015

Royal London Group

Employees across the country have been getting involved in all sorts of fundraising events, from themed baking competitions and clothes swaps, to gruelling sporting challenges including our London | Paris bike ride, marathons, Tough Mudder obstacle courses and their much-loved (but somewhat less gruelling) pedometer challenge, which has raised £35,000 so far!

They've already smashed their target of £100,000 and we're excited to see what else they're going to do to help beat blood cancer! 

"I met some of the heroic young people living with blood cancer. The work of this charity is vital in helping to improve the lives of patients and Royal London is proud to have it as a national charity partner."
Phil Loney, CEO Royal London Group

How Royal London Group are helping reduce side effects for children with leukaemia

Jack, diagnosed with ALL, living life to the full by playing his guitar after his treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Jack was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in July 2007, when he was 4. A test developed from the UK 2003 trial showed that he’d responded well to treatment and was at low risk of relapse – so doctors were able to reduce his treatment. Jack is now 11 and back at school full time.

With the £35,000 from the pedometer challenge, Royal London could help run the national childhood leukaemia trial, UKALL 2011, for a month. Thanks to UKALL trials, children and young adults with ALL are able to have more personalised treatment, which means fewer patients relapse, and we can help reduce the harsh side-effects of treatment, so kids like Jack are free to do the things they love!

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