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Our Little Miracle Baby

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23 Jun 2015

So 18th Sept came and  went – I have to confess I didn’t really like being pregnant – I loved the idea of the end result – just not the bit in the middle – so the quicker the baby was here the better – for everyone!!
So a few days went by – more midwife appointments – Then finally at 2am on Wednesday 23rd sept I woke up in awful pain – being the nice wife I am I went downstairs as not to wake St>john – when he got up in the morning and said he was going to work I just laughed! (if only I knew he could have!) So I spent most of the day in pain – shouting at St. John telling him he didn’t know what it felt like to be in pain!!!! At around 5 I felt pretty bad so we decided to make our way to hospital (we live about 25 mins from it) St. John had decided he would be there – we got to hospital only to be sent home. St. John got himself a Chinese!! And then at 9pm we were back at hospital.
Eventually after much screaming and crying, Chloe Lucy Dykes was born at 4.52am on the 25th Sept weighting 6lb 15oz – so the 27 hours of pain had been worth it. A little girl – our miracle baby!

So all of you guys out there who have been told you might not have children, because of chemo – please never give up hope



Victoria, this is an AMAZING end to the story and I coudn't be happier for you and St. John.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences so openly and honestly with us. I wish you, St. John and Chloe all the best in the future.

Stay in touch and thanks again for all your support. Together we will beat blood cancer. Andy 

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