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Oxford myeloma scientists open doors for fascinating open afternoon

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12 Jun 2012

Members of the public are being given a chance to go behind the scenes in the fight against cancer. Scientists based at the University of Oxford investigating new treatments for the blood cancer myeloma are opening up the doors to their laboratories on Thursday 21 June. 

Dr Claire Edwards and her research team, which is funded by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, are running the open afternoon in support of Myeloma Awareness Week. Oxford is home to some of the most cutting-edge myeloma research in the country.

Improvement in treatment for patients with myeloma has been one of the greatest success stories of all the cancers in recent years. Dr Edward’s work focuses on how depleted levels of certain hormones in myeloma patients can cause the cancer cells to thrive. She is investigating how different drug combinations can be used to boost levels of this hormone, ensuring that myeloma cells die more easily during chemotherapy.

Dr Edwards said: “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to show people around the laboratories and tell them about all the fantastic work that’s going on here in the battle against myeloma.”

Members of the public are welcome to come along to meet the team, take a tour of the laboratories and hear about how the research is helping patients. People can drop in between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on 21 June. Families and children are welcome, the event is free of charge and refreshments will be served. The event takes place at the Botnar Research Centre at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Headington. Click here to register and for more details. 

Myeloma Awareness Week was founded 15 years ago by Myeloma UK and is an initiative that has become an important part of the myeloma community and has been responsible for many pioneering and influential activities. Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are pleased to be supporting the initiative.

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