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Party in the park

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09 Jul 2017

Our tribe comes together.

The bubble of your baby having ALL puts the focus on the internal - what's happening at home, meds, temperatures, siblings, when do we eat, when do we sleep? - and it's so easy to disengage from the world outside.

Boy was just beginning at nursery before he was diagnosed; two weeks of settling in days were all he had before the whole inpatient adventure started, so I didn't expect him to have a group of friends from there. 

But the staff at the nursery wanted to do something, and the parents of the other kids wanted to do something. So they got organised and put on a sponsored walk around the local park to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital. I thought maybe £50 and half a dozen folk turning out would be really nice...

So all the staff, a load of kids and all their parents turned up at the park, loaded with balloons and snacks and all wearing red and carrying collecting buckets all in the brilliant sunshine and it turned into a party. 

We just had no idea how much a diagnosis affects everyone, not just boy, not just us. 



Hi Ed, it's lovely that everyone came together like that and it's clear that your son is very highly valued. Thanks so much for your blog and wishing you luck!


How wonderful. People feel helpless and so can feel helpful through fundraising. 


Hi Ed and Boy, yes, your blog really shows how the circle of people affected by one persons diagnosis is far larger than we realise and the caring and goodness of people, Take care.

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