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Patient Ambassador Experience: Carrie Grime

Suzanne Beattie
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Suzanne Beattie
28 Apr 2014

Carrie Grime talks about her diagnosis, her treatment and treatment team, and how she feels about her new role as a Bloodwise Ambassador!

How have you been affected by blood cancer? Tell us your story.
I got diagnoised with a very rare form of lymphoma in 2013 ar first I was placed on a watch and wait and that terrified me One minute I had been told I had Cancer the next minute I was told they weren’t treating it. All sorts was going through my head Its going to spread im going to die .six months later it flared up with a vengeance I was at a appointment really feeling rubbish my temp was through the roof My professor admitted straight away and told me We need get your temp down and get you well to start you on chemo .Well that is the day it dawned on me i had cancer being on a ward full of woman with bald heads, couldn’t stop crying was a emotional wreck.The chemo didn’t agree with me and i had various side affects ,dvt,pe,c.diff that wasn’t nice ! after each one i was a inpatient .My proff stopped treatment after 3 cycles as was pleased with the progress .I was fine for maybe another 11 months then the dreaded thing came back .This time we tried the chemo tablets they didn’t work on the lumps but they did give me arthritis in both hips and knees felt 80 not 35 ! anyway my lumps seemed to calm down felt fine returned to my job full time loving life again going swimming everyday, Then a routine scan in June put a stop to that !Its back and aggressive so had to start R chop and had to have a line in was devastated as i felt like now i look like a cancer patient no hair no eyelashes line in This lot of chemo didnt come with out side affects to another dvt returned various in patient stays after various infections my line ended up falling out !had chemo I. V for the last two they ended up putting the chemo through my tissue not my vein so that was very painful and all my wrist swelled up. In November this year i ended up harvesting ready for transplant at Christmas time I needed 4 attempt’s instead of the one even all the nurses joke and say im cursed haha .Then I was suffering with severe back pain we was putting it down to the gsf injections until one day it completly went got a ambulance they did a mri scan I had 6 back fractures and a slipped disc I don’t do things by halves ! So transplant postponed until 24th May !I start a weeks Radiotherapy tommorow then fingers crossed i can have my transplant in may. See what fun that has in store for me. 

How has your treatment team been helpful for you?
My lymphoma nurse Sarah has been fantastic with me .Any problems or any worries I had been having she was there for me ,nothing was to much trouble for her. 

What’s the most important aspect of being an Bloodwise Ambassador for you?
To be able to give something back .Also to share my experience of my own Journey to maybe help others who may be experiencing the same problems I’ve been through. 

Is there an aspect of being an Ambassador that you really enjoy?
Being able to think of new ways to raise money , My first idea is There is a group of us who go to slimming world and from now until September we are doing pound 4 pound so every time we each lose a pound a pound goes in to the Bloodwise pot.

How has engaging with Bloodwise helped you?
It really helps you ,You realise you are not alone and you speak to people who are at all different stages of treatment .So can really help understand from a patient point of view which I think is important.

Finally, is there something you would like to see Bloodwise do in the future (for nurses or for patients)?
I would really like there to be more talks in Manchester .

Thank you for sharing your experience Carrie! 

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