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Patients and families invited to special bone marrow transplant day

Leukaemia and L...
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19 Mar 2013

Next month will see London host the 39th annual week-long meeting of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT). Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are proud to be one of the blood cancer charities supporting the EBMT Patient and Family Day, for people who have had, or are awaiting, a blood or marrow transplant.

The day will give people with blood disorders the chance to meet other patients, talk to medical experts and hear about the latest developments in blood and marrow transplantation. Patients from across Europe will be attending the day. 

Taking place at The Mermaid in London on Saturday 6 April, the event will cover a range of issues, including advances in transplantation, treatment of Graft vs. Host Disease, life after a transplant and fertility and later effects.

Maria Gilleece, Chair of the EBMT Patient & Family Day and Consultant Haematologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, said: "Progressive breakthroughs in blood and marrow transplantation over the last forty years have led to greater numbers of patients undergoing and surviving treatment. This day will provide patients with a wonderful opportunity to hear about the latest developments in blood and marrow transplantation - whether the transplant is behind them, or ahead of them, they will find this day useful.

"An international panel of specialists will talk about how volunteers and family donors are chosen, how a transplant is performed and how to get back to a healthy and great quality of life after transplant. We want to inform and empower our patients so that they can work with their transplant teams to achieve the best possible result."

The day is open to all patients who may need a blood or marrow transplant, and their family members. Patients can register online at www.ebmt.org/pfday2013.

The event will be held at The Mermaid Theatre, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London EC4V 3DB. It will run from 09.30am – 6pm and registration costs £10 per person, including lunch. For more information, or to register for the day, patients should visit www.ebmt.org/pfday2013.

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