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Planning for halloween event

Rebecca A
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15 Oct 2014

I'm curently planning to hold a fundraising event, with the help of my company - Wiley, this halloween. Along with a halloween-themed cake sale we will be holding a pumpkin carving competition and a Trick or Treat tombola. To entice participants I've been asking local companies in Chichester to donate prizes to the event and have been thoroughly impressed with their generosity.  

I've been emailing, posting letters and visiting shops in person to ask for kind donations and since beginning to ask last Friday I've already secured six prizes for the event. The local leisure centre (Westgate) has given a three month membership to its facilities, the bakers on South street (Maison Blanc) is giving a large halloween cake, Cafe Nero has donated a drinks voucher and even the local sweet shop (The Sweet Jar) has donated a box of fudge. All going well our  prize bank should be very generous on the day and draw lots of participants to raise lots more money. Until then I've many more letters to post and the length of Chichester to traipse.

I also need to plan which cakes I'll be baking for the event itself (I'm fortunate enough to get lots of baking volunteers this time so I don't have to make 150 cupcakes like last time). The internet is throwing up lots of ideas and it's easy to get carried away but I'm narrowing it down to a few recipes that I hope will be well received. I'll post pictures from the event early next month.




This all sounds brilliant! Best of luck with the event - if there's anything we can do to help please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at

Hope the training's going well for the trek and thank you so much for everything you're doing to help us beat blood cancer.


Thanks Andy, I've had ten prizes donated so far and so I'm hoping for a great turn out and amount donated on the day.

You guys have sent me lots of balloons and material to raise the visibility of the charity on the day. I'll take pictures and post again after the event.