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Ruth M
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08 Jun 2013

Calais to Abbeville

Day two of the cycle took the riders onto the French roads for the first time on the journey to Abbeville. We started under the tower of the town hall – a sight which can be seen all the way from Dover on a clear day, they had already come such a long way!

It was a cold start to the day, but that soon changed, and cyclists soon reached for the factor 50...the sun was out and everyone was full of cheer!

A few less nerves this morning and a lot more excitement was around the camp.

The roads of Picardie shone for the cyclists

Pride was at stake in the fast group, working together for almost the entire ride, the time trials saw the competitive spirit kick in and the race was on. Results are yet to be announced but we all know there will only be seconds in it.

What will tomorrow bring...

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