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Pollard joins 'forces' in Cape Wrath Expedition to beat blood cancer

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27 Sep 2011

Emmerdale star and regular member of our TV Times Celebrity Running Team, Chris Chittell, has set himself a new mammoth mission to raise money for our life-saving research – walking across Scotland’s remotest regions with a team of Special Forces!

Setting out from Fort William on Saturday 24 September, Chris, his friend Peter and two other members of Special Forces will attempt to complete the punishing 200-mile journey in just seven days.

Together the team have undertaken a gruelling 12-month training programme to prepare for the challenge, including several marathons, running the Yorkshire 3 peaks and training in the Yorkshire Dales in full kit, weighing around 60lbs.

Chris said: My pals are mad enough to accompany me on a tremendous journey testing us at every level. There will be bogs, rivers, trails, no trails, clean sweet air and silence! We'll be responsible for carrying our own kit, rations and survival gear, and will camp in bothys (small stone open fronted shelters) or under the stars.

Peter, John, and Dave, all members of the Special Forces agreed. “This is a serious test in endurance, a mammoth undertaking, and another example of Chris's determination through extreme challenges to raise more money for the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Peter added: Twelve to fifteen days is the norm for this, so 200 miles in poor conditions over seven days will need plenty of mental reserve.”

Get behind Chris and the team on their trek to beat blood cancer!

Unfortunately Chris had  to abandon the trek because of injuries sustained by a couple of members of the team; for the latest news visit the Daily Record website.  

Chris has vowed to return to Scotland and complete the challenge. You can show your support by visiting Chris' justgiving page

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