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Poor weather - training cancelled

Sandy M
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22 Jan 2015

Cold snap is delaying training

Blog 2/5 = 40 quid

Once again sorry for all the updates, if it were not for a colleague offering me 100 quid for 5 blogs, I would not normally be so active, but what ever it takes I will do!  However I just cannot do training in the snow even with my lovely winter tyres that available for bikes in Switzlerland, there is no way to get through the snow when it lies thick on the ground.

But I though I could share a few photos of my ride to work, to show that as views go I am not doing to bad, just the temperature is conspiring against me, that an my prediliction to a Guiness or to which slows any hope of meteoric weight loss.  I reckon tomorrow the roads will be all clear again and it will be back on the bike for the 25km ride to work.



I think you've got yourself a valid excuse not to be cycling at present - that snow is fantastic but no good for cyclists!

I guess you've always got the static bike to revert to for a bit until conditions pick up a bit? Not quite the same but better than nothing...