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Positive vibes

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19 Nov 2015

Blown away by all the support I received from this community

A few days on from my last blog and I am feeling so much more positive. The antibiotics are working so the pain and swelling around my mouth and jaw has subsided and I am feeling so much better physically. My doctor has given me hope that I could be sent home again in a few more days if the improvement continues.  I was also blown away to be featured as the blogger of the day on the Bloodwise Facebook page yesterday. I was even more blown away by the hundreds of wonderful positive and uplifting messages I received as a result of that. From the people who wanted to let me know they had been through it themselves and wanted to give me hope that there was a way through it, to the others who simply wanted to send me a hug. It was truly touching and if I'm honest made me a little bit teary in a good way.

It made me want to spread the positivity to all other people suffering. I now know the value of a simple message of support. Thank you everyone who took the time to post a message from me. I promise to pass it forward.



I posted on your FB page as I was in the middle of granny duties. I am pleased that you are feeling a little better. I had a SCT after multiple relapsing HL, and it was not easy. I picked up 3 infections (but then again I was a pain in the butt with everything....complications galore), and felt dreadful, but now I can't believe what I went through to get better....I liken it to childbirth,when you think "never again" but then you forget everything and plan your next addition.

I made them laugh at the Bloodwise headquarters when making a patient film last year when I said a piece of advice is not to suffer in silence, just tell them to give you the drugs, all of the drugs! My teenage son told me that I couldn't talk to him about drug abuse as I was on so many, including morphine at one stage. Kids!

Take care, and hope your treatment is successful xx


I'm so glad that you're more positive now Jane and that the antibiotics have worked their magic and reduced the swelling around your jaw which sounds like it was very sore.

I'm really glad that your saw the Facebook post and all the comments and that they gave you encouragement. As you now know from the incredible response you got you are not alone and we're all here to help in any way that we can. Keep us updated on how you're getting on. We've all got our fingers crossed and remember that we're with you every step of the way!

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