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Post diagnosis trauma!

Gordon W
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31 Jul 2015

A fortnight of pain and misery

Now where was I?  … well, home I went and waited for my results to come back, my oral hygiene was awesome but even so I felt my tonge had become infected so off to the doc for antibiotics.  Anyway the day came when I could have all the stitches out and by now my tongue sore and numb but no longer infected.

However, I noticed a rapid swelling in the side of my face.  When the day came for my diagnosis this lump was really obvious and I was still 2 weeks away from my scheduled PET Scan!

Once my consultant saw the lump it was felt this this was an infection so I was handed back to ENT for repair. I was admitted immediately and put on antibiotics but the swelling just got bigger and bigger.

The first thing that struck me about being on a ward is that pain management is not handled very well. Patients are at the wrong end of the attention curve with busy nurses doing one thing at a time so inevitably any pain relief being given gets progressively set back in time and loses any prophylactic effect it might have, Oh and paracetamol and that morphine thing oderon?? are relly useless.  In the end after a week I complained and had a visit from the pain management team and began to have genuine pain relief because by noe the swelling on the side of ny face was like a second head - I am not exaggerating, I was sent to the hospital photographers so that it could be recorded!!!

After a fortnight of this a plastic surgeon came to look at me and said “I am transferring you immediately to ************ hospital because if your face bursts open I don’t have the facilities here to close the wound!”

Well immediate turned out to be midnight but nevertheless I was off somewhere I coud be dealt with.

The Saturday brought visits from several doctors but in the afternoon a hematologist came to see and said “that is not an infection….it is an aggressive response and those are swollen lymph nodes get this man onto our ward straight away to start chemo.

...to be continued




It sounds as if you are having an horrendous time. I do hope that now you are seeing a haematologist they will now start to get to the bottom of your problem and treat you accordingly. As I read phrases 'swollen lymph nodes' I recognised symptoms I had when I relapsed. I am surprised that you were treated with anti-biotics for so long, especially as they were having no effect.

Good luck with your treatment and best wishes to you and your family



What a dramatic diagnosis Gordon!

It sounds like things developed very, very quickly in the end although thank goodness that things were dealt with swiftly when they did.

Sorry to hear that your experiences with pain management weren't good. I found the morphine did the trick for me but then I was on a low dose and probably wasn't in anywhere near in as much pain. Were you on a general ward at the time too? I do think that on the general wards the nurses are much less attentive in comparision to the oncology wards.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences so openly - I think they'll be of enormous benefit to others currently going through treatment.


Thank you but you know what specialists are like! Mennd my patient of the harm you have done him before handing him on! So ENT threw the kitchensink at it whilst a training doctor was my only ally!


The ward was a specialist orthopaedic ward as ENT are a bit nomadic not being much in demand for post surgery space.

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