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Post event fundraising tips

Dan Henchman
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11 Jun 2015

Our stats tell us that up to a third of all donations come in the week after the event, so strike while the iron’s hot and rake in that last minute sponsorship.

1. Share your photos

Get on social media and share your photos from the day – including a medal shot – to show people you did it!

2. Shout from the rooftops

On social media, at work, down the corner shop: let people know about your achievement and ask for a donation – you did something amazing to earn it.

3. Update your fundraising page

If you’ve hit your first target, set a new one – and send round a link to your page to remind anyone who hasn’t donated yet.

4. Ask your work about matched giving

Lots of employers will match whatever you’ve raised, instantly doubling your total!

5. Send in your cash

If you’ve raised money offline there are plenty of ways to get it to us – here’s how.

6. Remind people why your fundraising is important

We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing support of people like you. Let people know exactly why you put yourself through the challenge and the difference you’re helping us make.