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Preparation Continues

Kola A
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07 Aug 2014

Double jeopardy, but I still ride


So, this morning I should have been up at 0530 to complete a ride. Yeah - it didn't happen. I got up around 0600 and finally jumped on the bike around 0630. The plan was for 30 miles. But I didn't bargain for the mobile phone dying on me at 20 Km so I don't know whether I completed the distance. All I can say is I rode for about 1:40:00 and climbed the same hill twice (I looped back on myself). And then my bottle holder decided it was time to part company with the bike - I hope the new one is better.

Suffice it to say, I still did a healthy ride and managed to climb a bit as well. Progress is being made and I will complete the ride distance come 31 August.

See you next time.


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