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James D
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13 Jul 2014

Hi all,

So I'm not very good at keeping this blog up to date. Lousy in fact, but im determined to get better, so watch this space and Andy, give me a nudge if im not!!

But dont think that because i havent blogged not very much has taken place, far from it! The partnership between Wickes and Leukaemia Research is just going from strength to strength and theres a couple of bits id like to update you all on.

We've got a new co-ordinator from the charity side, Abi who im really looking forward to working with and im sure will bring a fresh perspective and some great ideas to the table and two new champions in Wickes Head Office - Anil Pindoria and Mark Clements, guys if you're reading this your enthusiasm makes me look positively grumpy and your a credit to wickes and the partnership (Mark keep being a whizzkid on financial figures please...)

My final skydive figures are just in with some off-line funding and I managed to raise £860 (+£77 giftaid) and not only did it really put the fun in fundraising (sorry for stealing Mark), more importantly it smashed the original target of £500 and will go towards making a real difference to someones life. If you want to read my full report see my fundraising page, Ive also attached the ground photo for your entertainment...and yes that actually is a genuine smile!

Charity products sold within Wickes are the main reason for this update however. Since the 1st april when our new agreement with Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research kicked in, we have raised a staggering £43k for the charity. Based on a profit share, this figure has just continued to get better and better and is still growing exponentially. Not only are we going to beat the £50k figure we donated in 2013, we're going to smash it out of the park!! 

If you go into a Wickes store, check out the products, a red bucket and red wheelbarrow, its through the generosity of the public and the enthusiasm of the colleagues that these products are doing so well and im very proud of everyones efforts :)

Oh, one last thing, i'm doing a presentation to the entire Wickes head office on tuesday about the partnership, what we've done, who's doing it in the office and most importantly-why we're doing it.

Nervous about presenting to 200 people? Not abit!! but if anyone does want to wish me luck that will be gratefully received...

Keep up the great work all




Fantastic effort, James and great blog! Full marks from me!!! If you need any help/info/pics for your presentation tomorrow, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would say good luck but you won't need it as what you guys have achieved so far this week speaks for itself!


Thanks Andy, Sorry didn't reply yesterday, was willing on the debate about women bishops at York all day!

Presentation went really well, seemed to touch quite a few people and our new support centre champion mark, who presented a couple of slides was excellent!!

All in all a good day

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