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Pulling 8 tonne trucks to beat blood cancer

Barbara J
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17 Nov 2014

Last year my father became a little unwell, at first we all thought it was a little cold/virus. As the weeks went on he became a weaker and more lethargic. After seeing the doctors, they began to investigate a lump that had appeared on his arm. My father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Even though my father started chemotherapy, just 7 weeks after his initial consultation with the doctor he gave up his fight for life and died in May 2013. For months my thoughts would drift over the weeks before my father had died and if anything could have been done differently. If we had known earlier, could he have been saved???

This got me to thinking about raising awareness and help finding a cure, or possibly in the future to be able to screen and detect the disease before it was too late. So I decided to do something positive for other people, it gives me a purpose and helps me focus on the positives rather than the negatives. I contacted Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and introduced myself.

My first charity event was to do a tandem skydive which was amazing, even though we raised some money, I felt it was little low key and didn’t get as noticed as I had hoped and wanted to do something on a bigger scale and raise more money. After a few drinks one sunny afternoon, a suggestion was made to pull a bus around the centre of Gloucester!! (My father was a bus driver for almost 49 years and was still in active employment before he died).

I contacted the local bus company but unfortunately it was proved to be a little tricky with regards the attachment of ropes etc. so a friend of mine suggested we pulled a truck instead. I contacted friends and family to get a team of woman together to pull an 8 tonne truck through the pedestrianized area of Gloucester. I was overwhelmed by the support I received from the local city council and businesses. The city town crier and Mayor of Gloucester was more than happy to get involved too.

On Saturday 15th November, 17 woman took part in the truck pull. The publicity we received was enormous with the local radio station and reporters from various newspaper all wanting to write an article. So far we have raised £1600 from this event. Watch the video of us in action.

Next up is a dinner and dance which will take place on Saturday 14th March at Hatherley Manor Gloucester. Guest Starring Dan Hadfield the number one Gary Barlow tribute artiste and lookalike. Tickets can be obtained from or by emailing me directly.



Absolutely phenomenal effort, Barbara! Your Dad would be so proud of you!

Such a novel idea too which clearly captured the hearts and minds of people and did enormous amounts to help spread awareness about blood cancer and the charity. Well done!

You've got me thinking about cracking on with my own fundraising and are a real inspiration to us all. Thanks so much for all your support and rest assured that we will not stop until we've beaten blood cancer.