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Catriona Taylor

Q&A with Steve Prescott-Jones: getting to know the North Regional Chair

Catriona Taylor
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Catriona Taylor
07 Aug 2015

Steve (pictured below in the helmet) is our Regional Chair for the North, and he has taken the hot seat to answers some questions from our team. From his most memorable moment at the charity, to his three desert island items, here's a chance to get to know him better.

Could you tell us about how you first became involved in Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research?

I was contacted not long after going into remission from Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia and asked if I would like to get involved then put in touch with the Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Branch. Initially I helped with collections and other events then become branch secretary and treasurer.

Is there anything the Branch are currently working on?

It’s the branch’s 50th anniversary so we have an afternoon tea to celebrate this fantastic achievement, we still have a number of the original members so it will be emotional for them. We’re also collecting at AFC Fylde in September so hopefully that will help us spread the word and publicise our new name.

There’s other ways you like to get involved in our charity too, it’d be great to hear more about that.

In recent years I have been fortunate enough to be involved as Deputy Regional Chair and now Regional Chair for the North which has enabled me to get more involved in the direction of the charity along with seeing the amazing efforts and variety of different activities of the regions branches.

At the end of June I undertook a 190 mile bike ride with some friends in the Old Boys Tour De Yorkshire to raise money and awareness, I really enjoyed the challenge and it looks like we’ll raise in excess of £5000 so it was worth doing!

You’re also involved in a local haematology support group, could you tell us more about this?

The group was started by two patients about a year and a half ago for patients at the local hospital (Blackpool Victoria) to get together. They have talks on things ranging from benefits to meditation to help patients. I attend to provide support and to represent the charity when I can.

You’re really active on digital channels in your volunteering with us, what do you all get involved in?

I do a blog on our website which is great as it means I can quickly get stories and updates out which automatically appear on the branches webpage and I can share on Facebook and Twitter with a single click of the mouse! I also manage the branch's Facebook page which helps promote the charity, the work we do and local branch events. It’s also good for things like connecting to supermarkets we do collections at as it allows the branch to thank them and their customers and let them know how much was raised. I also use my personal Twitter account to share news snippets relating to the charity and to promote the local branches activity.

What’s been your most memorable moment during your time with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research?

The first annual conference I went to sticks in my mind, before that I had only been involved in events locally. As back then there wasn’t the internet and social media I hadn’t realised just how large the charity was and how many people had been through the same things as me or knew someone who had. It was a fantastic experience and very inspiring. Over the years conference has evolved to become Impact Day and is something I look forward to immensely each year.

What’s been your best fundraising experience to beat blood cancer?

There’s been a few that stick out but I think the one I had the most fun at was 83 year old Alan Hough doing a 4 hour disco dance on his trampoline to raise money for us in Blackpool town centre! From a personal perspective it was great to take up cycling then undertake the challenge of the Old Boys Tour De York to raise money for the charity.

So now that we know more about your brilliant involvement and work with our charity, we’ve got a few more questions to get to know you!

What does your typical day look like (in 20 words)?

A combination of all or some of following; family, travelling, working, cycling, fund raising, events and emails for the charity. (In exactly 20 words not including this!)

Tell us something you’re proud of.

My daughter, when I was at my most ill the consultant thought I wouldn’t get through the night and now fast forward 20 years later I have an amazing 8 year old daughter.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Nye Bevan

You have three desert island items – what would they be?

Bill Bryson – A Short History of nearly Everything (I have this fairly substantial book but never seem to have to time to get round to reading it!), a Swiss army knife and a solar powered torch

What’s your favourite movie that you encourage us all to watch, if we haven’t already?

Rain man

Many thanks Steve for taking part in the Q&A, and for all your support to beat blood cancer!



Well done Steve, you have achieved so much over the years and it has been my pleasure to have shared joint objectives and challenges with you. Warmest regards

Richard Delderfield


Hi Richard, I hope you are well and keeping busy! Thank you for your kind words and for your invaluable support and guidance over the years.


Steve, Its so lovely to hear more about Branch work and what you get up to in the North - keep up the good work!