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raising money

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07 Aug 2015

keep donating

Hi all, 

i got into riding because of my partner Mihaela, and i thank her for that, we will ride together

and continue to ride together 


i had great pleasure in meeting a lovley pastry chef lady called liz cooper, 

funny whitty, hard working, determined and lovable 

also supportive to me and always having a good gossip over a coffee.

well after many years of not knowing what was wrong why she was so tired, which we thought was just the old chefs talk of we work to many hours.

she found out she had cancer, well what a shock to all i think.

so since i found out i am working hard to raise money for this charity 

im at £600 please please keep donating every little helps.

we can all make a difference 

the ride is sunday 16th August and is 52 miles



Wow , Lou what can I say...........thank you so very much for this...if only I had the energy I'd make you some sarnies for your bike ride.
Wonderful people like you do so much for this cause , for obvious reasons this makes a huge impact on me , so proud of you.
Love you
Liz xxxxxx

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