Leukaemia and L...
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Leukaemia and L...
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12 Dec 2011

The Edinburgh 10k is, for me, one of the highlights of the TV Times running team’s calendar. This is one of our most historic and beautiful cities and the run takes in all that is great and majestic about Edinburgh.

Starting in Holyrood Park, up and over Arthur’s Seat, the Golden mile, around the castle and finishing in the grounds of Holyrood Palace. What a great route. Thank you ma'am (touching forelock). This year was special though because as a treat, Ken, Sarah and myself were going to see Shauna Macdonald in her play 'Mary Queen of Scots Gets Her Head Chopped Off' - the title alone would take up most CVs!

Shauna is one of our most prolific runners, triathletes and fundraisers. I spectated at this years Outlaw Ironman Triathlon as she completed this punishing sport for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.
But enough about that and back to the play, which was written by Liz Lochhead and being performed at the Lyceum Theatre. I noted beforehand that some of the speeches were written in a thick Highland Brogue and wondered if there would be sign boards for us Sassenachs. It was not to be. Concentration levels were so high I had a headache at the end! I have to say the play and performances were terrific. Shauna in particular was excellent particularly in mastering a very tricky accent: a mix of French and Scottish. Not easy. It was lovely to meet her afterwards and find all was well in the cranium department.

The following morning we assembled at the start to take on all that the Scottish weather could throw at us. It was wet and cold - arctic conditions for a Londoner! As always the good people of Edinburgh turned out to give us a warm reception and the run was one of the best.

Shauna, after two exhausting performances on the Saturday, ran in a time of 42 minutes 50 seconds which is not bad, seeing as she was off with her head the night before.

See you next year,


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