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Brett G
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12 Aug 2015

Small steps of progress; remission again and discussion of stem cell transplant coming up

Steady Progress

I was waiting today for a phone call after my bone marrow test carried out yesterday. This followed a cycle of FLAG-IDA salvage chemo which had hit me hard and I had taken about 20 days to start to get a recovery in counts from.

I really did not know what to expect from the call, as it was far from a certain outcome, anyway it was good news and hurrah! I have complete remission. This does not mean I am cured, but that the team cannot see any significant numbers of bad cells for now.

I had the call whilst out shopping for school uniform for big school for our eldest son, one of the targets that I had set myself. A big day in many ways, exhausted now but worthwhile!

I also had a call asking me to go to the larger hospital that I will hopefully have the transplant at, for an initial meeting on Friday. I am already aware of how daunting/hairy the process can be, but this in its own way is progress towards a possibility of maybe getting better.

I have cycle 2 of FLAG-IDA starting on Monday, at least this time knowing it seems to work it seems more bearable despite the D&V this one gave me.

Baby steps for now and there will be I am sure some big downs, but a 'good' day today. 



Oh bless you Brett, what wonderful news. Every day is a miracle that I know you all deserve. Derriford staff are very good and thorough! You'll be in good hands. We'll be thinking of you, and visiting as you go through phase 2. Until then, take our prayers and best wishes with you. Xxx



Whilst there is still a long way to go this is fantastic news! I hope the meeting about the transplant goes well today. If you have any questions following the meeting please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You're not alone in all this and we've actually got a patient, Josie, who is blogging about going through the process at the moment which might prove useful. Here's a link to her profile:


Well done Brett (thanks for the blog advert Andy!)
I also had to have FLAG IDA so know how tiugh it is. I'm a week post transplant now and waiting fir engraftment so I can get home to my 2 babies (age 4 and 1)!
Keep your chin up and let us know how the meetings go


I have been praying for you. I was diagnosed with AML 10/11/14. I went into remission after one round of chemo. I relapsed after my second round. I had an unrelated umbilical cord transplant on 5/14/15. I get to go home to Alaska tomorrow! It was a hard journey. I know it's not over, but you and I will do it! God is faithful.

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